Saturday, May 3, 2008

When will they Improve??

It's been some time now that there are articles that have been coming up in news papers regarding the steps the PMPML is taking to make sure it's drivers follow the traffic rules...
A Great sign and Effort which does need to be applauded.... In fact i have been noticing PMPML buses with keen interests after all this and i must say that 6/10 buses are making sure they are not letting their bosses down... so wel done drivers of such buses....
unfortunately thought jus 2 days back i happened to witness somethin... what... read on..

this happened on senapati bapat road at the dominoes signal... i was waitin at the signal rite behind a PMPML bus.. i was very happy to see that the bus driver had made sure he stopped before the zebra crossing. There was also a sticker put up behind on the window of the bus which read "i am ashamed of stoppin in front or on the zebra crossing. I will make sure i obey traffic rules" (all this was in marathi, i'm just translating)

seeing all this, i was really impressed, but.... but... unfortunately, for some reason or the other something got into the driver and the fellow just took off from no wher, when there were still 10 seconds left for our signal to turn green.... i mean, once again it makes me wonder, what was he thinkin???? or wher exactly he had to go, that he could not wait for 10 seconds??!!!!! this just spoilt all the good work he had done.... i wish i could have taken a snap of this and earned my self Rs.100/-!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Which "year" is this fellow living in.... it's been atleast 6-7 years since the format of number plates was changed... it is now black letters on white background, but obviously this one seems to have missed out on that.... this is the 3rd case i have come across in just about a span of 3 weeks, fortunately this time round i was able to take a snap of this...!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

again, million dollar question, WHY??????!!!!! i alway's wonder what people talk, or what is so IMPORTANT that they cant take their vehicle to the side and then speak on the phone... this is even more dangerous when on scooter (for eg. an acitva or scooty) as the hand that is holding the phone is the one which is used to apply the BACK brake... so...!!!!
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one more... this lady came almost 15-20 mtrs down the wrong side of the road, least bothered of the on coming traffic... why??!!! what pleasure these people get by doing such things??!!! and it's their own life they putting at risk, and the best part is that it seems they dont even realise this, or are noth bothered of the fact that such stupidity could one day cause harm to them, and may be to others also who are not at fault!!
and all this is done for what??!!! to save certain amount of petrol!!! they are so concerned about the resources getting over isnt it???!!!!
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TATA bus (MH14-BA-8037), again very clearly seen that the signal is red, but what's going through the bus drivers mind, he only knows??!!! i mean, why would a SANE person o'wise wait in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD when his signal is RED??!!! this is RIDICULOUS... it's about time these CO. buses are put to task by the owners themselves!!!
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What are they Doing??!!!! it is clearly seen in the photo (right hand corner) that the signal is green for the vehicles coming from the other side, then what are the 2 scooters (both uncles, one on an activa and the other on a scooty) doing in the middle of the road when their signal is RED??!!!! (this photo is taken at Hutatma Rajguru Chowk near Karishma Soc. Kothrud wherin the people coming from karishma, goin towards MIT college like the 2 uncles) have a red signal, when the signal seen in the photo is green!!!) and these are the people who very readily and conviniently blame the "young generation" for driving rashly....! they are setting such fine examples themselves!!! once again, WEL DONE!!!!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

as You can see (standing on the line, left to right are Pooja,Mayuresh, Radhika, Parag's Brother and Abhay) are making sure that the work done by mr mane in stream lining the traffic does not go waste...
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